Who We Are?

Who we are?
Gülen Tel Çit

Wire Fence | Panel Fence | Mesh Wire | Knitting Wire | Barbed Wire | We offer Razor Wire and many other products both through our own production and through our solution partners. Our company, which has left behind many years of service in the wire fence production sector, continues to serve with its experience and staff consisting of experts in their field. We plan to serve for many years in this sector, where we aim to provide quality and economical service, inspired by our experiences.

Our company has adopted the principle of providing quality service by understanding the expectations of its customers and providing the best guidance in line with their requests. We undertake to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level by making standard productions as well as in accordance with our customers' requests.

Gülen Tel Çit

35750 m2
Monthly Fence Production
19620 m2
Monthly Fence Painting Capacity
3569 m2
Monthly Cage Production
% 100
Customer happiness

Gülen Tel Çit Sistemleri

As Gülen Tel Çit Sistemleri, we focus on satisfying our customers with the fast and innovative solutions we produce since the day we were founded. To prevent cost losses by providing fast and on-site solutions to every need or problem of our customers, with our staff who are truly experienced in the sector, always standing by our customers like a shadow.

To realize durable and solid projects with 100% customer satisfaction at every stage of our project. To have employees who are open to development and change, who are integrated with the company and who can participate, and to establish systems that will serve this purpose.

* Transparency
* Experience
* Quality Awareness
* Creativity
* Trust and Justice
* Commitment to Business Ethics
* Belief in Continuous Improvement
* It has value-added collaboration values that exceed customer expectations.