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Decorative Grass

Decorative Grass
Decorative Grass


Grass Fence - Dekoraçim - Decorative Grass Fence Systems

Dekoraçim grass fence is a type of grass fence that is frequently preferred today with its decorative, durable and solid structure. The product consisting of the combination of grass and fence is known as decorative grass. Our Decorative fence product, produced from artificial grass, creates decorative grass fence partitions in the interior and exterior parts of alternative spaces, giving the structure a different appearance.

Decorative grass produced from special PVC material is applied on stainless wire.

Decorative fence Features
To list the decorative grass fence features; We can define it as a grass fence system that does not fade, does not burn, does not shed and does not deteriorate due to its artificial structure. Decorative grass is our own product, for which we can list these features as the biggest reasons for preference.

Decorative grass fence Usage Areas;
As a product that can create the perception of natural grass in individuals, decorative grass covering systems are used in sports fields, playgrounds, terraces, gardens, pool areas, garden parts of cafeterias and restaurants, landscaping of sites and villas, roadsides, wall and facade coverings. This product, which can be used in many more areas than you can think of, is a decoration element that the service sector cannot avoid, especially because they want to make their customers feel the peace that green creates on the individual and to be the places preferred by customers who want to experience this peace.


Decorative grass fence General Features;
Dekora grass fence is made of 1.5 mm thick double-wound wires in the form of grass, fringed with PVC with 0 UV protection. PVC has a density of 1.5 g/cm³, elongation at break varying between 5-8%, impact resistance between 10 and 30, maximum working temperature of 60 degrees Celsius in long-term operations and 80 degrees Celsius in short-term operations, coefficient of friction and moisture absorption from the air. It is a low material. PVC, which has all these features, is used in decorative grass coating systems as a durable, lightweight, fire-resistant, long-lasting, economical and environmentally friendly material. Thus, a product with the features provided by PVC is created. When evaluated as the amount of carbon emitted into the atmosphere, called carbon footprint, it appears to be an environmentally friendly product. This is an issue that needs to be emphasized. Because carbon emitted into the atmosphere negatively affects human health and is one of the factors that threaten a livable world. A feature of the double-wound wires with a mesh size of 4 x 4 cm used in the production of decorative grass fences is that these wires are hot-dip galvanized. The hot dip galvanization method is carried out by dipping the wire into molten zinc. In this way, it is aimed to prevent the metal wire from corrosion and increase its resistance. Decorative grass, whose technical features we have tried to summarize, is produced with ISO 9001 quality guarantee certificates. ISO 9001, which is essentially a control mechanism, aims to reduce and eliminate errors and defects and prevent errors and defects that may occur. Thus, the production of quality products and services that meet customer needs is ensured. Decorative grass, which is in a product group that attracts attention with its non-flammable, non-fading, non-deteriorating, non-shedding, washable and paint-repellent structure, is applied in the form of panels in areas where there is no supporting element, while it can also be applied to wire mesh, wall surfaces and between poles as a supporting element. While decorative grass is applied to areas where there is a supporting element, the decorative grass covering material produced in 10-meter rolls is mounted on the supporting element with appropriate apparatus. This portable application provides the user with the convenience of removing decorative grass coverings whenever they want. Decorative grass coverings and panels are sometimes used as grass fences and sometimes as grass walls, offering the opportunity to change the perception of life in the places where they are applied.

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