Planar razor wire is an alloy containing many different substances. Its raw materials are galvanized, 430 quality stainless and 304 quality stainless steel. Since it is generally used for security purposes, it is a type of wire frequently preferred by the military or official government institutions.

It usually starts at a height of 45 cm from the ground in a very tightly protected place and its densely high ends are sharp. Therefore, it helps deter external factors that think of entering areas you do not want them to enter. Concrete walls are long-lasting because they are easy to install on iron doors and their material structure is not damaged by natural events and external factors.

Since there are some standards that must be followed, it is applied in three different ways: 45 cm, 60 cm and 90 cm. Planar razor wire made at a height of 45 cm is used by calculating the wire height as 45 cm, the length as 6 meters and the weight as 0.7/meter. 60 cm high planar razor wire height is 60 cm, length is 6 meters and weight is calculated from the formula 1.2 / meter, and finally, 90 cm high planar razor wire is available. As we just said, its height is 90 cm, its length is 8 meters and its weight formula is 1.2/meter. You can easily find it with a mathematical calculation. In order to ensure the safety of you and the area you use and to be pocket-friendly, I am sure your first choice will be the planar razor wire system.

Of course, its production at such affordable prices does not allow any compromise on quality. Even though it is always available at the most affordable prices, it will be a good detail for the users that it is produced with iron joinery elements that are stainless and suitable for all weather conditions.

It is a type of razor wire that opens circularly and is applied on top of fence panels or on straight poles. Kürşat Wire Mesh.

45-60-60-90 cm in diameter (Height),

6.0-6.0-6.0-8.0 meters long,

It is produced with a roll weight of 4.2-4.2-7.2-9.6 Kg.

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