Enclosures - Profile Frame Enclosure

Enclosures - Profile Frame Enclosure

Enclosures - Profile Frame Enclosure
- Panel fence systems, in addition to their main purpose of security and boundary determination, create a stylish appearance and a safe environment around your buildings, away from aesthetic visual pollution, with their decorative structure.
- Panel fence systems; It is manufactured from hot-dip galvanized wires, which have been subjected to 1800 hours of salt test, with spot welding technology in fully automatic machines and provides resistance to impacts and bending and an upright stance thanks to the cross-sectional thickness of the horizontal and vertical iron rods that form the panel fence and the bending made with the press pressure system. Our panel fences, whose welding and shaping processes are completed, are coated with Electro Static Oven Paint and provide long-lasting resistance against corrosion, rust and color fading.
- Although their standard color is RAL 6005 green, production can be made in all colors upon request.

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- Panel fence systems, Soil, Concrete, Wall and Stepped Wall etc. It can be mounted conveniently and easily on floors.
- On Concrete Floors: 150x120x5mm flanges are added to the Profile Pillars and mounted with the help of steel-jacketed dowels at 2.5m intervals.
- On Soil Grounds: It is installed with a 250 dose concreting system in 40x40x50cm pits opened at 2.5m intervals.

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